Video Conferencing for the Banking Industry

Banking institutes have entered a new business era, moving from providing traditional transactional services such as deposits and wire transfers to highly personalised services such as financial planning and portfolio management. The success of banks today depends on whether they can acquire and serve their high touch value clients more effectively than their competitors. Finding and keeping these customers depends heavily upon customer relationship management. To do this, Banks are improving profitability and strengthening customer relationships by deploying new visual communication strategies — from the local branch to the central operational offices.

These days customers expect to receive accurate and personalised services in a way that’s convenient for them. Video communications can help Banks to improve their customer’s service experience. Today video conferencing can be tailored to the Banking industry through the provision of video kiosks in branches where physical staff may not always be available. Expert staff can be located at a central point whether they are in Mumbai or Atlanta, and customers can have access to face-to-face consultation via video from their local branches as and when they need it. This way customers can still gain access to local consultation anytime and in local language.

BCS Global enables banking institutes to:

  • Connect customers with product experts or their respective account manager instantly
  • Extend customer service coverage for face-to-face consultations with professionals 24/7
  • Provide timely product training to branch offices across countries
  • Facilitate internal collaboration and communications