Video Conferencing Solutions for Financial Services

Financial services are dependent on making fast decisions and responding rapidly to changes in market conditions. Having the ability to hold instant meetings and collaborations across the globe is a necessity to the financial industry.

The Financial service industry was one of the early adopters of video conferencing. However for many financial organisations, having sophisticated video technology in place does not always provide the competitive edge and benefits that they can expect. Financial organisations often need to organise complex multi-point video conferences which go beyond the capacity of their existing video infrastructure. Many users find that it is difficult to initiate a conference or join one without assistance from their IT support staff. That is when a managed service provider can help ease the burden of video administration and management.

Acquisitions and mergers within the financial industry can also cause complexities between different network providers and video systems. Again a managed service provider can help businesses who need to take their video conferencing services beyond their enterprise network, be it to integrate with new subsidiaries or business partners and customers. BCS Global enables financial service organisations to:

  • Instantly bring meeting participants around the world to a multi-point meeting
  • Allow internal IT resources to focus on their core function
  • Connect meeting participants beyond their enterprise network