The benefits of video conferencing to healthcare sector are well recognised. The ability to connect patients with healthcare providers and facilitate information sharing is invaluable in getting people the right care— wherever they are, and whenever they need it.

Video conferencing extends the reach of healthcare professional by enabling healthcare services to be delivered without the need for either the patient or the physicians to travel.

Video also plays a big part for training and education. Medical professionals need to receive continuing medical education, access to certification programs, and training. High definition video communication solutions provide the highest quality voice, video, data sharing and transmission to deliver the clear pictures and sounds that is required. Reliability, quality, and security are critical factors to allow medical professionals using video conferencing to perform their daily jobs. BCS Global enables healthcare providers to:

  • Instantly connect medical experts with patients at another location
  • Provide access to critical shortage specialists without the cost of having them on staff 24/7
  • Have access to immediate second opinions ensuring timely care
  • Offer discreet access to health services and providers