Legal Video Conferencing Solutions

Over the past years, many law firms and legal practices have turned to video conferencing as a way to communicate and collaborate with partners, clients, and legal experts.

Face-to-face communications is crucial to legal professionals who need to work effectively and efficiently with clients and colleagues. Through video conferencing, legal professionals can conduct depositions, hearings and arbitrations, settlement conferences, board meetings, witness interviews, and other case related services around the world day or night; without the need to travel to various locations. Video conferencing has the added benefit of helping firms to manage and control costs. It enables lawyers and legal advisors to increase their own productivity and billable hours by minimizing travel time. BCS Global enables legal professionals to:

  • Participate on real time collaboration for contracts, documents and legal transactions
  • Access specialists/subject experts without the cost of retaining them on staff 24/7
  • Interview witness and confer with experts without leaving the office or having to travel to the meeting
  • Record and archive video meetings, depositions or expert witnesses