Video Conferencing for the Retail & Manufacturing Industry

In the last 15 years globalisation has expanded the market size and potential of retailers and manufacturers. However, with globalisation comes the challenge of managing supply chains and coordinating disperse teams.

Video communications can help create operational efficiencies and improve companies’ bottom line by bringing together project teams or supply chains in remote locations, at lower costs. With video conferencing, retailers and manufacturers can improve information flow and immediate feedback, allowing development teams to work faster and smarter through face-to-face communications, without having to leave their offices.

Effective video communications can help project teams to shorten product development life cycles, increase inter-department productivity and speed up time-to-market. BCS Global enables retailers and manufacturers to:

  • Use video to manage the supply chain more efficiently
  • Make internal communication easier for dispersed teams
  • Train employees at lower cost and with greater efficiency
  • Help buyers to showcase samples and designs on video without the need to travel to meetings, thereby accelerating decision making and time to market.