Visual Collaboration for Enterprise Communication

Organisations today are increasingly aware of the need to compete on a worldwide basis, to strengthen corporate partnerships, and to improve productivity for all employees while maintaining tight cost controls. Video conferencing has come a long way these past few years – and with access to better and more powerful bandwidth, reductions in video hardware costs, and the introduction of exciting technology like Telepresence and High Definition (HD) systems, more and more businesses are seeing the real benefits of video conferencing.

At BCS Global we understand the complexities in managing your own conferencing systems, and the resource involved in supporting your video meetings. We believe that video conferencing should be so easy to use and reliable that it becomes a part of your every day business life – from standard desktop applications to boardroom and high-end Telepresence systems. That’s why we’ve developed the following managed services to support organisations who are already using video, or those looking to deploy video for the first time.