Virtual Telepresence Specialists

What is Telepresence?

Telepresence is an immersive video environment that creates a realistic face-to-face meeting experience. In a Telepresence environment, participants on the video screen appear in life-size and in sharp detail so that you feel like they are in the same room. The room design, lighting, Telepresence video units and high definition details on screen all combine to create an experience like no other. Given the significant investment in such high-end systems, the service element becomes even more important.

BCS Global offers a managed Virtual Telepresence service to ensure that participants in a Telepresence environment get a consistently high level of service and user experience.

Virtual Rooms – Core Services Add-On Services
End-to-end management, from infrastructure to your endpoint connections PC applications for video-on-the-move (iView)
Supported Telepresence Systems – Polycom RPX20x, Polycom ATX/TPX30x, Polycom RPX40x, Tandberg T1, Tandberg T3, Cisco CTS 500, Cisco CTS 1xxx, Cisco CTS 3xxx Video meeting recording SD/ED
Live video and audio help desk services, available 24/7 globally Operator attended call monitoring
Standard Video Concierge Services Enhanced Reporting
End-point Directory Management
3rd party support escalation
Usage Reports
Remote End-User training