February 10th, 2014 by mdouglas


BCS Cloudmedia, the cloud-based digital signage specialist, is excited to announce the introduction of powerful new technology that gives customers unparalleled insights into their audiences. This new technology can determine who is looking at the displays, tailor content to audiences in real time and provide customers with detailed breakdowns of who’s watching what, when, and for how long.

The announcement represents a major step forward for digital signage and shows the technology has moved beyond pure advertising to also become a key business tool for marketing and campaign analyses.

Using a simple video sensor attached to the display, proprietary image analysis software (licensed from leading audience measurement systems developer Quividi) identifies viewers by age and gender, as well as providing many other metrics such as how far each person is from the screen, how long they spend looking at particular content, and even the number of people walking past the display.

The images are processed in real time and the metrics produced are completely anonymous, which means the system is fully compliant with data protection and privacy requirements.

Clive Sawkins, CEO of BCS Cloudmedia, says: “This extraordinary technology takes digital signage to a whole new level. Now our customers can understand their audiences and the effectiveness of their messages and marketing campaigns like never before. They can ensure specific content is targeted at precisely the people they’re aiming to reach, automatically and in real time.”

The detailed insights the system provides means there’s no longer any need for guesswork when it comes to choosing what works best, where and when.

Specific metrics include:

  • The number of current viewers (based on who’s actually looking at the display, rather than just standing in front of it).
  • The length of time each person spends in front of the screen and pays attention to what’s being shown.
  • The gender of viewers (with an average accuracy of 85%, improving as people move closer to the camera).
  • The age bracket of each viewer (child, young adult, adult or senior).
  • The position of each viewer and their distance from the display.
  • The total number of people passing in front of the display (footfall) between specific times.

As well as giving customers the ability to adapt automatically what’s shown on screens according to who’s looking at them, BCS Cloudmedia also provides powerful online tools that let them visualise the audience data collected in a variety of graphical and numerical formats. This allows customers to gain fresh, ongoing insights into how campaigns are performing, giving them the ability to continually hone and improve the performance of their digital signage.

“We anticipate the system will be especially popular with our customers in retail, leisure, events and corporate marketing,” says Sawkins.

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